Hello Everyone,

    The last couple years we were spoiled in that Rich was able to program the system to add up the 5 times and then process those against the standard.

    This year Swimtopia has not gotten to doing Invitational qualifying times on heat sheets, psych sheets or the Pentathlon entry qualification template.

    This will not be available by Sunday in no way shape or form. So the bad news is that everyone will have to go completely Old School on this invitational.

    You will have to add all the times for your swimmers by hand and then check it against the PDF that Pentathlon has on line. We have also added a Pentathlon Qualification Calculator to the NWAL home page.  Go to Invitationals, then find Pentathlon and you will see it.  Then you can go into Swimtopia and add your swimmer to the 5 strokes.

    There is nothing in Swimtopia that will stop you from entering swimmers that do not qualify for Pentathlon. There are no qualifying times for Pentathlon in the system so no blocks at adding swimmers.

    Eligibility will have to be manual on this one.

    Sorry for moving backwards on this one. This is completely out of our control.

    Olen Walton

    1st Vice President

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