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NWAL Downloads

Coaches Computer/Web Officials Meet Related Certification
Coach Disclosure Form MM-Change number of Lanes Announcer Guidelines for Meets Being a NWAL Official
Coaches Duties MM-NWAL-DQcodes (updated 2014) instructions for timers Breast stroke pullout
nwal coach certification policy ProtocolforWirelessTimers-V2 Officials_DivisionalMeet Cleark of Course Lecture
NWAL-SafeKids STUS-2013-Roster-Upload2 Officials_DualMeet Clerk of Course Agenda
Officiating swimmers with disabilities STUS-NWAL-Results Reporting-Rev2 Officiating swimmers with disabilities Common Official mistakes
Referee Pre-Meet Officials Meeting REF-Lecture Agenda
2015 NWAL Rulebook MM Meter Pool Template Referee Pre-Meet Timers Meeting REF-Situations and Rulings
CodeOfConduct MM Yard Pool Template Relay_Take-off_Forms SNT-Common and missed calls
ParentWaiverConsent TouchpadProtocolForNWAL two way radio usage SNT-Lecture Agenda
SwimmerEligibilityRules MM-Install-Meet-Manager5.0 2018 Infraction List Stroke-Infractions-Table
WaiverIndemnityAgreement MM-Computer-Training-Guide   Stroke-Infractions-Watching-for
2014-NWALMap-3LR VIDEO-STUS-Import_Meet_Results   STR-Protocol for starting a heat-1
2018 Core Areas Video Links on FAQ Page   STR-Starter Lecture Agenda
  VIDEO-STUS-Enter_Relays   STR-Starter Tips
  COC Brain Saver    
  2015 Meet Manager Invitational Standards Files    
  COM and COC Weekly Routine    
  MM Files Yards and Meters    
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