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Training and Certification


 Training and Certification Website - this has everything you need for officials, coaches and Team Reps to keep up to date with your certifications. All Reps and Officials need to login and keep their information up to date.

T&C Chairman Email - [email protected]

Recertification - Each year we will re-certify a different group of officials:
2024  Referee

Recertification: All they need to do is log on to and take the recert test under, "Take Official Test". Please note: NWAL officials are held to the highest standard and should be able to get a perfect score on the exam. Make sure you are certain about your answers before submitting the exam.

Class schedules will be posted to nwalcertified.

  • Go to Class sign up page under General. It will only show the classes that are available to YOU given your current level of certification.

Only team reps can see all classes, so reps should share the SNT schedule with potential officials that are not sure if they should sign up until they see the schedule. Reps can cut and paste from this for their team:

  • If you want to see all the classes offered, go to the drop down box at the top and click go. Even if it was on "Display All" when you first came to the page, you still need to hit "Go" to show them all.
  • If you want to see a specific class, pick it and click go. 
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