Celebrating your participation in the 52nd season of NWAL!

    Dear Northwest Aquatic League (NWAL) family,

    We are excited to get this season started and wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a part of this special organization as we hold Mock Meets and Time Trials this weekend. We have returned to a meet format that allows for all of our swimmers to participate in dual meets 5/14, 5/21, 5/28, 6/4 and 6/11 and Divisionals/Division Finals 6/18/2022. Check with your team to see which mid-season and end-of-season invitational events your team is participating in.

    Would you believe we only have seven and a half weeks to go until the official end of the season?

    For the latest team information check your team’s website. For league information go to nwal.org. Our certified volunteers and coaches utilize https://nwalcertified.com/. Feel free to create an account at nwalcertified and look for our April class schedule to be posted in March 2023 to start your journey as a certified NWAL official. Regardless of whether you are a certified official or any type of volunteer we just can’t run swim meets without you and sincerely appreciate your commitment.

    When you have questions about NWAL, NWAL rules, eligibility, safety, etc. you should each have a Team Representative that represents NWAL. Those Team Representatives are represented by one of 16 Division Representatives that sit on the NWAL Board. There are also seven league officers, including myself that are available to help you and links to our e-mails are on the nwal.org website. All NWAL personnel are volunteers that support our league because we believe in the value of community-based summer league swimming.

    Finally, a special thanks to our league sponsors, FINS Swim School and Grown-Up Swimming, LLC.

    Hope you have the best swim season ever!

    Jason Green

    NWAL Board President

    [email protected]

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