Divisionals Events 43-48 Mixed Free Relays


    This message is delivered to clear any confusion regarding the number of events for Divisionals and Division Finals, and the number of relays any one swimmer can participate in.  The templates pushed out are correct and include the additional events 43-48 Mixed Free Relays.  This was agreed on at the November 2021 NWAL Board Meeting.  Event numbers on Appendix B pg 55 of the rule book are intended to reflect the Order of Events for Dual Meets and Appendix E on pg 65-66 lists the Order of Events for Dual Meets.  With the additional events, the Entry Limit listed on pg 65 for Division Finals is the Entry Limit for Divisionals (Swimmers will be allowed to participate in up to 3 individual events and 3 relay events).

    Note: There is a difference between the number of relay teams a team may enter for Divisionals (1 per event) versus Division Finals (up to 3 per event).  

    The return to normal dual meet action has been a resounding success this year and we appreciate all of your efforts.  We know it hasn't been easy after a year off and then a limited year last year.  There were some downstream consequences.  You guys got us back on track and we look forward to making great memories for swimmers and families during Divisionals weekend and heading into the Post-Season Invitationals.

    Your team will receive an opportunity to complete a post-season survey through your Team Representative.  If you have specific topics you want to suggest for inclusion in this survey (ie. Mixed Free Relays at Divisionals) please let me know.

    Wishing everyone the best for the rest of the season!

    Jason Green

    NWAL Board President

    [email protected]

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