Division Weekend

    Team Presidents, Team Referees, Team Reps, Computers, Clerks of Course and all volunteers that make Divisional and Division Final Meets happen,

    Thank you!  You've put in a lot of effort in planning and supporting our league to hold Division-wide meets this weekend.  It is much appreciated and you guys are the ones that make the magic happen for these swimmers.

    I encourage us all to focus on:

    • Physical Safety - Awareness of potential hazards, addressing unsafe behavior immediately, de-escalation of conflicts, traffic control, emergency and hazardous weather plans, awareness of potential predators, slip, trip and fall hazards, water safety, etc.
    • Hydration
    • Good Sportmanship - starting with good leadership from volunteers and addressing improper behavior by swimmer or their parents immediately
    • Follow proper protocols for resolution of team protest for the calls of officials - only Team Reps and Coaches can respectfully approach the Meet Referee with official team protests.  Any unresolved protests after the meet is over can be submitted by Team Rep to NWAL for Board resolution along with a $100 check payable to NWAL.  Checks are non-refundable unless adjudicated in favor of the protesting team.
    • Follow proper protocols if team don't agree on meet operations - Each Division has likely designated a Meet Director to quarterback issues, but Team Reps should be the ones to support their team (Team Presidents may serve dual roles but Team President itself is not an official NWAL role.  The NWAL Representative Represents the team.)  Any issues not resolved between Team Reps and designated Meet Directors should then go to Division Representatives.
    • Cheer for every swimmer, in every age group, regardless of ability.  If a swimmer is entered in an event they have the right to be there, regardless of how slow their swim may be.  Model proper respect for every swimmer.
    • Patience and Grace
    • Make it fun - This is community based swim.  It IS competitive and we love to challenge our swimmers to do their best, but don't forget to smile and think of all the good we're doing
    • Report injury incidents promptly - incident reporting form attached

    Jason Green

    [email protected]

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