Division Reps - 3/28/2023 6:00PM Invitational Sanction/Approval Meeting

    Division Reps and Assistant Division Reps,

    Please plan on attending the March 28th Board meeting where we hear from the Invitational Sponsors on the details of their meets including dates, times, groupings, locations, special rules, team setup, fees, etc.  We allow time for questions and answers to make sure we understand what we are sanctioning and you can make an informed vote.  The meeting will be at the Rob Fleming Recreation Center - 6464 Creekside Forest Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77389 starting at 6:00PM.  It's an earlier start, but we just can't use the facility past 8:00PM and since it's a free location we just need to appreciate the use they have allowed.

    It is a very important meeting and although your Division just has one vote, I encourage Assistant Division Reps to come as well as the primary Division Rep.  If the Division Rep and Assistant Division Rep are both not able to attend then you can appoint a different Team Rep delegate.  Otherwise, there is no need for a Team Rep or other team member that was not elected as Division Rep or Assistant Rep to attend.

    Agenda attached.

    Jason Green

    [email protected]

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