Assisting Swimmers During a Swim Meet

    Hello All,

    It has been brought to our attention that some teams are allowing older swimmers to assist the younger swimmers with getting across the pool during swim meets.  Having a learn to swim program or something equivalent to one is a great way to get the younger swimmers involved, however, during a swim meet they are not allowed assistance.  

    Assisted swimming during a NWAL sanctioned swim meet is strictly forbidden in NWAL. Any person entering the water for the purpose of assisting a swimmer that cannot make it across the pool, or any other reason other than the rescue of a swimmer in immediate distress, may be declared as unsportsmanlike conduct under rulebook page 20, under Disqualifications, 16., c. "Entering the water during an event in which they are not a participant" (online rulebook).  This ruling does not directly apply to handicap or disabled swimmers as they are handled on an individual basis.

    The unsportsmanlike conduct could be extended to other members of any team that directs this practice to happen during a swim meet, including coaches, officials and other team personnel.  Any swimmer that enters the water in an event in which they are not entered could be disqualified from upcoming events in which they are entered.  


    Olen Walton

    1st Vice President (Officials Chair)

    Northwest Aquatic League

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