Creating invitational meets

    When creating your meets for invitationals, DO NOT COPY meets from previous years.  Most invitationals have changed from last year which will make it an issue to get entries done correctly.  Always create a new blank swim meet and then apply the correct meet template to it.

    If you have copied meets from last year, the following changes are needed to set the meets up properly:

    1. Apply this year's meet template to the meet to ensure you have the correct time standards and events.

    2. With the change in the age-up date this year, copying meets from last year will make the age-up date for your meet 5/31/23.  You'll need to go into the edit screen of the meet and change the age-up date to 5/1/23.  If you're seeing swimmers showing a year older in your invitationals, this is why.


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