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 League Reference Documents and Information: 

Follow the links below to get info and downloadable documents:

  • Coaches:  Coaches Duties & Policies, Discloser and Consent forms
  • Officials:  Meet related Forms and Policies for running the meets

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Downloads - Information that will help you!

Also, go to the general info section below to download a NWAL rulebook.  You will need this for the test.

ALL COACHES must be recognized by NWAL before they can begin working with swimmers in any capacity.  YOU must have passed the test, have the yearly background check and the nwalcertifed system must be updated.  It will take a few days to process your test results and background checks so don't put this off.  Also, NO Coaches are allowed on Deck without their badges at ANY meets including invitational meets.

NEW Coaches - New coaches must complete 3 tasks:

1. Create an account on the site.  Go to the login page and click new account.  Fill in the info and make sure indicate your team and that you will be a coach.

2. Test - Take a certification test on the certification site (  On the left side menu, under the "General" section, there will be a link called "Take Official Test".  Click Launch Test button for the coaches Test.  The Results will automatically be sent to the T&C for review.

3. Background Check - Complete and pass a background check.  On the same website, in the Coach section, you will see a link called Background Check.  It will take you to the Verified Volunteers website where you will complete information for the background check and pay an $18 fee.  

Returning Coaches - Complete the following:

1.  Log into your account from last year.  If you forgot the email you used for the user name, ask your team rep.  They can look it up on their account.  If you forgot your password, click Reset Password.  You will then get an email with your new password (check junk or spam folders if you don't see it)  Do not create a new account.   If you are changing teams, go to "my profile" and change the team name.

2. Test - In 2015, all coaches need to test again.  It is a shorter version of the full test.  See new coaches section #2 to find the link for the test.

3. Background Check - See #3 above for new Coaches.  ALL coaches must have a current background check each year.  Coaches under 18 need to contact [email protected] before trying to submit a background check.


Latest Training VIDEOS:

Phase I and II are now YouTube Videos. Convenient for you to view from any device!!

Phase I, Registration (Nov 10, 2015) - Replay Now Available 
Phase II, After Registration - See News Section for this class

Phase V, Thursday Exchange thru Ending the Meet

The following videos were recorded during past NWAL training sessions and can be downloaded to your computer and watched.   Click on the links below to save them to your computer and then open them to watch.  For classes that have not occurred, you can follow the link to the news article announcing the meeting. We willh be moving these to YouTube in the future.

Training Videos from last season:

Phase III, Volunteering, Calendar Events,  RSVP, EMAIL (Feb 17, 2015)
Meet Entry, Reports, Meet Data (Feb 26, 2015)
Registration (March 12,2015)
Phase IV, Entries, Relays, Reports, Exporting to MM and MM Template (March 19, 2015)

The Adobe Flash Videos can be downloaded and run in most web browsers.  Go to to check your browser.

Add Meet or Events to Calendar

Enter Swimmers by Event
Enter or Adjust a Single Swimmers 
Enter Relays   
Entry Reports and Entry Export 
Import Meet Results  

Additionally, [email protected] has a Help Site and YouTube Videos for most topics.  Please take a look at all these resources to help you use your website to the fullest.  Computer training is going on all through the month of April as well. 

Computer Downloadables can be found here 

EMAIL COMPUTER HELP :  [email protected]

OFFICIAL'S Meet Related Files


This section contain files to help run a meet.  It has spreadsheets to identify where all officials will be stationed during meets, relays take-off forms, guidelines and instructions for other volunteer positions.

Training and Certification


Training and Certification Website - this has everything you need for officials, coaches and Team Reps to keep up to date with your certifications.  All Reps and Officials need to login and keep their information up to date.

T&C Chairman Email - [email protected]

Recertification - Each year we will re-certify a different group of officials:
 2019:  Starters & Coaches;    2018:  Stroke & Turn;  2020:  All Referees 

Recertification: All they need to do is log on to and take the recert test under, "Take Official Test". Please note:  NWAL officials are held to the highest standard and should be able to get a perfect score on the exam.  Make sure you are certain about your answers before submitting the exam.

Class schedules have been posted to the site.

  • Go to Class sign up page under General.  It will only show the classes that are available to YOU given your current level of certification.

Only team reps can see all classes, so reps should share the SNT schedule with potential officials that are not sure if they should sign up until they see the schedule.  Reps can cut and paste from this for their team:

  • If you want to see all the classes offered, go to the drop down box at the top and click go.  Even if it was on "Display All" when you first came to the page, you still need to hit "Go" to show them all.
  • If you want to see a specific class, pick it and click go.  

Training Site / Location Addresses

General League Info


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