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    Division Weekend

    Team Presidents, Team Referees, Team Reps, Computers, Clerks of Course and all volunteers that make Divisional and Division Final Meets happen,

    Thank you!  You've put in a lot of effort in planning and supporting our league to hold Division-wide meets this weekend.  It is much appreciated and you guys are…

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    Divisionals Events 43-48 Mixed Free Relays


    This message is delivered to clear any confusion regarding the number of events for Divisionals and Division Finals, and the number of relays any one swimmer can participate in.  The templates pushed out are correct and include the additional events 43-48 Mixed Free Relays.  This was agreed on…

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    Celebrating your participation in the 52nd season of NWAL!

    Dear Northwest Aquatic League (NWAL) family,

    We are excited to get this season started and wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a part of this special organization as we hold Mock Meets and Time Trials this weekend. We have returned to a meet format that allows…

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    Greetings Certified Officials, Team Reps and Coaches!

    I hope you're all excited about time trials/mock meets and heading into dual meet season starting on May 14!  We have trained literally hundreds of new officials, coaches, computer personnel, clerks of course and team reps this year, showing a renewed commitment to…

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    Last Official Training Opportunities for 2022

    Hello Everyone!

    We are in the last few days of officials training for the upcoming NWAL season.  We have classes scheduled for tomorrow.  If any of your people want to sign up for these classes, please sign up online AND email [email protected] to make sure they get in the class.

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    NWALCERTIFIED.COM Waiver functionality

    Team Reps/Computers

    It appears we can see/approve NWAL waivers at the Team Rep level now.  Up until now NWAL officers have been approving or denying waivers, not because we wanted to take that approval function away from the Divisions but unfortunately becasue the system was not functioning properly.  Team Reps…

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    Officia's Apparel

    Once again, we are offering Official's apparel with our all-new Logo.

    As I previously stated many times, the order time will be a short window.  Order deadline in Saturday April 23rd.  Our goal is to have them to you by your first Dual Meet.  Those who live in my are…

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    Saturday Class at the Woodlands

    All, We are currently having issues with the Certified site that is affecting signups for classes.  The programmers are working on solving these issues and we believe that it will be fixed in short order.

    That being said, the Starter class for tomorrow is going on as planned in the…

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    Classes This Saturday at the Woodlands

    All, We have had issues with people signing up for the SNT and STR lecture classes for this Saturday at the Woodlands.  I have created a work around for this.  There are 2 classes on the schedule for each, on the same day.  One is a dummy class, the real…

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    The 2022 NWAL Swim Season is here! Are you busy yet? We hope your registrations are going well and you are looking forward to a return to a normal season. We have some exciting things going on with NWAL and cannot wait to see kids in the water. Tonight…

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